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We hope you are all staying safe!  Our performing plans are awaiting the plans of certain festivals and venues.  Stay tuned!  
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Meet the Diamond W!
If you own only one Diamond W CD, choose
A KANSAS SOUVENIR contains many brand new recordings of songs you've been enjoying from the Diamond W for years. It's the closest to a "greatest hits" we've ever done!
While we're waiting to get back in the saddle -

You can hear a lot of Diamond W music on Tennessee Jim's "Full Gallop" Radio Show every week.  Tune in to www.TruckersRadioUSA.com 
Saturdays - Noon & 9 pm
Sundays - 8:30 am & 7 pm
Wednesdays - 1 pm & 9 pm

Full Gallop is followed by Orin Friesen's "Bluegrass at the Rocking Banjo Ranch".