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"Time Changes Everything"
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Diamond W last Christmas Dinner & Show @ Old Cowtown 12-20-14
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Our recent musical release "The Originals" is a special one!  A 2-CD set of Diamond W Western selections, almost all of which were composed by our own Jim Farrell and Stu Stuart.  Click the CD cover to purchase!
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$10?  Whoa. That's a SALE! 
Both of these classic Diamond W CD's are are now on sale for $10 each.  The gospel CD will soothe your soul, and "Chuckwagon Favorites" are the favorite old cowboy songs we took with us to China.
​We want to say a BIG thank you to Betsie Andrews, director of ArtisTree Dance Studio in Hutchinson, Kansas for choreographing our "Cowboy Joy" concert at the Fox Theatre in December. It was a fantastic experience.